Porsche 911 SC rally car powers up with CDI+ ignition

We've been getting from great feedback from our friend Domingos in Portugal who switched his Porsche 911 SC rally car to Classic Retrofit's CDI+ direct replacement ignition unit for ageing Bosch CDI units as seen on so many classic air-cooled Porsche 911s.

"The first event with CDI+ was Rally de Portugal Historic at the end of 2016," says Domingos. "It was a successful outing. We were able to run in 10th place at one stage, but a slight detour of the main route put us down the order before the finish in Estoril. Nevertheless, we were satisfied that the car was totally reliable and everything worked very well. 

"The CDI+ unit has been working perfectly, including the built-in rev limiter. We have a spare distributor which we can lock the advance on and use the CDI+ unit to manage the curve where regulations allow. Overall we are very pleased with the ignition unit, especially the measurements of more than 9,000 ohms at the spark plug terminals. It is a fantastic system."

High praise indeed and Domingos is not our only rally or circuit racing customer using CDI+. Contact us to discuss all road, race or rally applications for our amazing modern-tech CDI+ ignition system.



About the author

John Glynn is a classic Porsche enthusiast, journalist and community leader. Founder of the impactbumpers.com group and online forum, John owns three classic Porsche models as part of a larger collection of classic cars and motorcycles. 

John has worked as a classic Porsche journalist since the purchase of his first 911 in 2003. John's blog at ferdinandmagazine.com is one of the internet's most popular Porsche blogs. Read his monthly column in GT Porsche magazine or visit his site at porschevaluations.com for help with classic Porsche agreed insurance valuations.

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