Twinspark RSR features Classic Retrofit A/C

The latest Porsche 911 hot rod project from Twinspark Racing in the Netherlands features a full installation of our Electrocooler air conditioning system. Based on a 912 chassis with the familiar recipe of RSR body modifications, the Light Grey 2.8 RSR is a very exciting build.

"We succeeded with installation of the A/C kit into our 2.8 RSR project based on a 912," says Leon at Twinspark. "The kit is working very well and we are impressed about the cold air coming out of it immediately! Very impressive! It would be interesting to compare how much time it would take to install this system in a car that is all together versus a new build like this one with good access to everything."

"Most of our customers tell us that the time to install is within what they were expecting," says Jonny Hart at Classic Retrofit. "Good workshops will improve on the installation time with practice. Maybe a single day installation is a bit optimistic but I still think this is a quicker install than any currently available ‘traditional’ AC kit. Our recommended pre-install electrical health check is a good idea, and there is also a recent firmware update to complete on kits that have already been shipped."

We're delighted that Classic Retrofit parts now feature on the must-have shopping list for high-end early Porsche 911 hot rod builds like Twinspark's superb RSR. Classic Retrofit products make an invaluable contribution to performance, comfort and reliability on all air-cooled 911s: contact us if you're planning a Porsche build and would like to discuss how our products can help.



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