A busy summer shifts Classic Retrofit to factory production

Our communication channels have been pretty quiet since June but, behind the scenes, we have been flat out on several projects. The most complex project this year has been scaling up production of our Electrocooler air conditioning kit: taking it from in-house assembly to full factory parts assembly, kit production and direct shipping from our stock control and distribution partners in the south east of England.

Classic Retrofit Electrocooler now fitted to Ruf Automobile and Singer Vehicle Design

The success of our Electrocooler electric air conditioning kits for classic Porsche 911s has been very rewarding. We put a lot of time and effort into the prototype development to ensure that the kit worked very well from the moment it was commissioned. Electrocooler is undoubtedly the most efficient and effective product of its type available anywhere in the world, that is why our customers include Ruf Automobile and Singer Vehicle Design, and why so many other specialists have begin to build into vehicles including E-Types, Alfas and classic Minis. 

As the product continues to be very well received and we prepare to enter the final stages of testing for our Porsche 964 and 993 kits, the time was right to pause and hand the manufacturing side over to an experienced kit assembly and shipping specialist that we have worked with on other projects. This has meant a short delay in shipping some outstanding orders, but will lead to much greater efficiencies in the future.

Increased production for all Classic Retrofit products

Our aim is to have 50+ kits on the shelf, ready for shipping as soon as an order is placed and we are well on the way to making that happen. We have also pressed the button on production of another 100 CDI+ units and several hundred fuse panels of all types. Spare parts and shipping will be handled by our distribution partners. A new website, currently in the final stages of development, will allow our private and dealer customers to order directly online, with the appropriate pricing applied in their personal account pages.

We have much more news to share with you, including the production of our brand new 8-pin CDI+ units and a great test weekend on some 935s at the recent Rennsport Reunion. Before that, we're taking a well-earned break! Two weeks away on an Italian road trip before returning in November, fully refreshed and ready to serve our clients during the off-season project time, where race cars are refreshed and road cars get their air con fitted for next year. We will also be sharing work on the very first 964 air conditioning kit being fitted here at Classic Retrofit HQ. It is all very exciting and we thank everyone for their support to date!