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Electrocooler compressor & ECU only

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Electrocooler compressor & ECU only

Our bespoke ECU employs a control strategy that prevents battery drain, allowing the efficient scroll compressor to be used on a 12V system. By pairing this module with a modern parallel flow condenser, evaporator and drier, modern car levels of cooling capacity can be achieved without the need for and engine drive compressor. The module comes with a USB cable and support software for setup on different vehicles.  

  • High efficiency electric scroll compressor.
  • Combine with modern blower/evaporator, condenser and drier of your choice
  • Bespoke ECU with customisable control strategy.
  • Cabin and Evaporator temperature sensors
  • Wiring Harness and cabin control button.
  • Installation Manual

 Approximate size:  160mm(W) x 220mm(L) x 200mm(H)

Approximate weight: 6 kg.

Please note that due to the high demand for our products, there is an eight-week lead time for this item.


Electric A/C Compressor Custom Installations

Jaguar E-Type V12 bespoke build

Seen here is a custom Classic Retrofit install in a modified V12 Jaguar E-type. With no room for a belt-driven compressor in this packed engine bay, our products were the perfect addition. Our electric A/C compressor can be seen to the right of the battery.

Marcos Mantis LS3 Conversion 

Here's a Marcos Mantis with LS3 V8 conversion. The standard belt-mount compressor fouled the chassis, so an Electrocooler electric A/C system was mounted in front of the engine. 

Ford GT40 Replica 

This Ford GT40 replica features a Classic Retrofit electric A/C compressor mounted in the nose of the vehicle. Saves on hose lengths and makes for an easy installation too:


Our electric A/C compressor can be tucked into the smallest of places.  Here on a RHD Porsche 911 SC between battery and spare wheel.



Electrocooler Compressor and ECU module. This module allows car builders to put A/C in a 12V vehicle where an engine-driven compressor cannot easily be fitted, or to benefit from lower weight and no loss of engine power. Rear- and mid- engined vehicles might also benefit from the alterations to weight and weight distribution when the compressor is mounted at the front of the vehicle - which has the added benefit of significantly reducing the hose lengths. A complete Classic Retrofit electric A/C system typically weighs less than 15 kilograms. The compressor module and ECU weighs around 6 kilograms.  

This is the compressor and ECU module only.  IT IS NOT A COMPLETE A/C SYSTEM.


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