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Electrocooler compressor & ECU only

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Electrocooler compressor & ECU only

Our bespoke ECU employs a control strategy that prevents battery drain, allowing the efficient scroll compressor to be used on a 12V system.  By paring this module with a modern parallel flow condenser, evaporator and drier,  modern car levels of cooling capacity can be achieved without the need for and engine drive compressor.  The module comes with a USB cable and support software for setup on different vehicles.  


  • High efficiency electric scroll compressor.
  • Combine with modern blower/evaporator, condenser and drier of your choice
  • Bespoke ECU with customisable control strategy.
  • Cabin and Evaporator temperature sensors
  • Wiring Harness and cabin control button.
  • Installation Manual


Approximate size:  160mm(W) x 220mm(L) x 200mm(H)

Approximate weight: 6 kg.

Please note, due to high demand, there is an 8 week lead time for this item.


Install into a hot rod V12 Jaguar E-type.  No room for a belt driven compressor in this busy engine bay.  Our compressor can just be seen to the right of the battery.


Marcos Mantis with LS3 V8 conversion.  Standard belt mount compressor fouled the chassis.  Electrocooler system mounted forward of engine.



Ford GT40 replica in build.  Compressor is mounted in the nose of the vehicle.  Saves on hose lengths and makes for an easy installation too:



Compressor can be tucked into the smallest of places.  Here on a RHD 911 between battery and spare wheel.





Electrocooler Compressor and ECU module.  This module allows you to put A/C in a 12V vehicle where you cannot easily fit an engine driven compressor.  It particularly suits rear and mid engined vehicles, allowing the compressor to be mounted at the front of the vehicle.  This is better for weight distribution and reduces the hose lengths significantly.  Typically, a full a/c system can be achieved in under 15kg.  The compressor module and ECU weights around 6kg.  

This is the compressor and ECU module only.  IT IS NOT A COMPLETE A/C SYSTEM.


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