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High Power Blower for 911 A/C

Categories: Electric Air Conditioning
High Power Blower for 911 A/C
  • Replaces original fresh air blower
  • Double cage fan
  • Parallel flow evaporator
  • Recirculation function
  • Plug and play electrical connector and Bowden cable
  • Weighs 5.0 kg

email us for options on this unit.  E.g. TXV, fittings, hoses etc.


Our new blower is designed to replace the ancient and often squeaky old fresh air blower in the Porsche 911.  Internally it uses a modern double cage fan which can move more air than the original.  

Of course, as with all our products, it bolts right up to the car and the original electrical plug and Bowden cable work without modification.  Plug and play.

The real game changer though is that it incorporates a modern parallel flow evaporator.  This allows a 911 with A/C to get rid of the chunky separate A/C blower in the smuggler's box (LHD) or behind the passenger footboard (RHD).  So, two blowers get integrated into one modern unit, saving weight and space.

You can pair this blower with a traditional A/C system or if you want to join the electron revolution, try our complete electric kit.




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