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Porsche 911 High Output 110A Alternator

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Porsche 911 High Output 110A Alternator

With so many electrical upgrades pushing old-school charging technology to the limit, Classic Retrofit's upgraded alternator for classic Porsche 911s is the perfect addition to a modern-day classic. 

While our Electrocooler electric air conditioning requires an alternator upgrade to work effectively, standard cars also benefit from an upgrade to the original charging system. Used in conjunction with our electric A/C, this alternator offers higher levels of cooling without compromising battery voltage.

Fitting to our 911SC demonstrator led to an instant increase of almost 10% in charging voltage. This may not sound like much, but it is huge in voltage terms: even half a volt can transform headlamp brightness, starter efficiency and battery health. For cars running additional electrical items such as bigger stereos and additional lighting, this is a game changer. 

The alternator will fit all 911 fan housings from '74-'83. It will also fit 3.2 Carrera and late 930 models originally equipped with a 90A alternator by using a separate adapter. Our 110A alternator should fit pre-1974 Porsche 911s too, but the fan housing may need minor machining. More details coming.


OUT OF STOCK.  Expected March 2018.

This is Classic Retrofit's upgraded high-output alternator for classic Porsche 911s.

Producing 110 amps with a simple installation process, this UK-manufactured upgrade is the highest output alternator available for your classic Porsche 911. This is a brand new unit, not reconditioned and there is no core charge or exchange.


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