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Classic Retrofit's mission statement is "to embrace the future while respecting the past". Our products are cutting edge upgrades that often revolutionise the ownership experience. This is absolutely true of our upgraded alternators!

Porsche 911 High Output 110A Alternator

Porsche 911 High Output 110A Alternator

OUT OF STOCK.  Expected March 2018.

This is Classic Retrofit's upgraded high-output alternator for classic Porsche 911s.

Producing 110 amps with a simple installation process, this UK-manufactured upgrade is the highest output alternator available for your classic Porsche 911. This is a brand new unit, not reconditioned and there is no core charge or exchange.


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Upgraded Alternator Adapter (3.2/late 930)

This adapter is required to fit our upgraded 110 amp alternator into all cars originally fitted with a 90A alternator - so all 3.2 Carrera models and later 930/911 Turbo.

Contact us with any questions.

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